############################################ ### UltraVISTA merged photometric catalogue Version 1.1 April 2013 ### ### Please reference these papers: ### For the photometric catalogue: McCracken et al. 2012, A&A, 544, 156 and Capak et al. 2007, ApJS, 172, 99 ### For the photo-z + physical parameters: Ilbert et al. 2013, accepted in A&A, astro-ph/1301.3157 # FILE LIST: UVISTA_COSMOS_psfhomo_chi2_v1.1_22_04_13_v1.fits : full photometric catalogue including medium bands from H.J. McCracken photoz_uvista_v1.2.dat : photo-z and physical parameter catalogue (this header) pdz_uvista_v1.2.fits : redshift Probability Distribution Function # Any question for the photometric multi-color catalogue: contact H.J. McCracken hjmcc_at_iap.fr # Any question for the photo-z catalogue + physical parameters: contact O. Ilbert olivier.ilbert_at_lam.fr ## Description of the photometric catalogue: This catalogue is a chisquared-selected source list comprising both COSMOS medium and narrow-band data and the UltraVISTA DR1 near-infrared data. The detection image was constructed from the chisquared sum of the Y, J, H and Ks UltraVISTA DR2 images. This ensures that the catalogue contains both redder and bluer objects (which would be missing from a simple Ks-selected catalogue. The production of this photometric catalogue is described fully in Ilbert et al. 2013 . Each near-infrared and optical band has been convolved so the final seeing (measured using a fit to a Moffat profile) corresponds to 1.1''. The production of the near-infrared stacks used here, UltraVISTA DR1, is described in McCracken et al. 2012 . In order to compute photometric redshifts with this catalogue, some additional corrections were applied to the magnitudes provided here. The most important of these consists of an offset of -0.369 which was applied to the B-band magnitudes, as has been applied to previous COSMOS catalogue. The complete list of photometric broad-band provided is as follows: u,Bj,Vj, r+, i+, z+, zpp, Y, J, H, Ks. In addition there are also the Subaru medium-band filter data listed in Ilbert al 2013. These bands appear in the catalogue with the suffix _psf to indicate that they have been PSF-homogenised. There is also the non-psf homogenised original Ks image. A MAG_AUTO selection (Ks < 24) on this column was used to produce the object catalogue for the accompanying mass function paper. There are two subaru z+ bands here: the first corresponds to the "zp" presented in Capak et al. 2007; the second corresponds to much deeper z-band data acquired with newer red-sensitive CCDs recently installed at Subaru. Only the second, deeper zp data is used for the photometric redshift determination. ## Complete list of parameters. For more information see ecrire/articles.php?id_article=844 1 ALPHA_J2000 D %25.16g deg 2 DELTA_J2000 D %25.16g deg 3 NUMBER I %11d "" 4 X_IMAGE D %25.16g "" 5 Y_IMAGE D %25.16g "" 6 FLAG_HJMCC S %11d "" 7 FLUX_RADIUS R %15.7g pixel 8 EBV R %15.7g "" 9 FLAG_PETER S %11d "" 10 u_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 11 u_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 12 u_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 13 u_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 14 u_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 15 u_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 16 u_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 17 u_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 18 B_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 19 B_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 20 B_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 21 B_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 22 B_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 23 B_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 24 B_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 25 B_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 26 v_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 27 v_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 28 v_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 29 v_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 30 v_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 31 v_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 32 v_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 33 v_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 34 r_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 35 r_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 36 r_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 37 r_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 38 r_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 39 r_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 40 r_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 41 r_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 42 ip_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 43 ip_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 44 ip_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 45 ip_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 46 ip_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 47 ip_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 48 ip_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 49 ip_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 50 zp_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 51 zp_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 52 zp_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 53 zp_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 54 zp_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 55 zp_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 56 zp_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 57 zp_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 58 zpp_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 59 zpp_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 60 zpp_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 61 zpp_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 62 zpp_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 63 zpp_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 64 zpp_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 65 zpp_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 66 y_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 67 y_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 68 y_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 69 y_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 70 y_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 71 y_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 72 y_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 73 y_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 74 j_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 75 j_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 76 j_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 77 j_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 78 j_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 79 j_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 80 j_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 81 j_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 82 h_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 83 h_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 84 h_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 85 h_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 86 h_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 87 h_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 88 h_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 89 h_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 90 Ks_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 91 Ks_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 92 Ks_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 93 Ks_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 94 Ks_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 95 Ks_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 96 Ks_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 97 Ks_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 98 k_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 99 k_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 100 k_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 101 k_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 102 k_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 103 k_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 104 k_FLAGS S %11d mag 105 k_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 106 IA484_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 107 IA484_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 108 IA484_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 109 IA484_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 110 IA484_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 111 IA484_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 112 IA484_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 113 IA484_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 114 IA527_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 115 IA527_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 116 IA527_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 117 IA527_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 118 IA527_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 119 IA527_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 120 IA527_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 121 IA527_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 122 IA624_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 123 IA624_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 124 IA624_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 125 IA624_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 126 IA624_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 127 IA624_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 128 IA624_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 129 IA624_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 130 IA679_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 131 IA679_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 132 IA679_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 133 IA679_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 134 IA679_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 135 IA679_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 136 IA679_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 137 IA679_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 138 IA738_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 139 IA738_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 140 IA738_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 141 IA738_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 142 IA738_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 143 IA738_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 144 IA738_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 145 IA738_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 146 IA767_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 147 IA767_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 148 IA767_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 149 IA767_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 150 IA767_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 151 IA767_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 152 IA767_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 153 IA767_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 154 IB427_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 155 IB427_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 156 IB427_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 157 IB427_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 158 IB427_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 159 IB427_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 160 IB427_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 161 IB427_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 162 IB464_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 163 IB464_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 164 IB464_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 165 IB464_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 166 IB464_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 167 IB464_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 168 IB464_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 169 IB464_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 170 IB505_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 171 IB505_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 172 IB505_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 173 IB505_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 174 IB505_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 175 IB505_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 176 IB505_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 177 IB505_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 178 IB574_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 179 IB574_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 180 IB574_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 181 IB574_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 182 IB574_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 183 IB574_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 184 IB574_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 185 IB574_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 186 IB709_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 187 IB709_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 188 IB709_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 189 IB709_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 190 IB709_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 191 IB709_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 192 IB709_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 193 IB709_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 194 IB827_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 195 IB827_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 196 IB827_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 197 IB827_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 198 IB827_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 199 IB827_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 200 IB827_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 201 IB827_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 202 NB711_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 203 NB711_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 204 NB711_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 205 NB711_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 206 NB711_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 207 NB711_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 208 NB711_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 209 NB711_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d "" 210 NB816_psf_MAG_APER2 R %15.7g mag 211 NB816_psf_MAGERR_APER2 R %15.7g mag 212 NB816_psf_MAG_APER3 R %15.7g mag 213 NB816_psf_MAGERR_APER3 R %15.7g mag 214 NB816_psf_MAG_AUTO R %15.7g mag 215 NB816_psf_MAGERR_AUTO R %15.7g mag 216 NB816_psf_FLAGS S %11d mag 217 NB816_psf_IMAFLAGS_ISO S %11d ""