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CFHTLS T0003 Wide and Deep summary
Last content update September 27th, 2006

TERAPIX T0003 release : Deep+Wide data products description
Release reference identification : T0003 - February 2006

CFHTLS T0003 target lists:

-  Deep fields: D1, D2, D3 and D4
-  Wide fields: W1, W2 and W3

Positions of Deep and Wide fields in the sky.
T0003 Wide W*(n,m) finding charts: CFHTLS W1 ; CFHTLS W2 ; CFHTLS W3.
Quick overview of Wide pointings: W1(n,m) , W2(n,m) and W3(n,m) field.

Image selection criteria:
-  Data obtained between: June 1st, 2003 and sept. 12, 2005.
-  QRunID list : starting from 03AQ04 , ending to 05BQ03
-  Terapix Class : A or B
-  Exp. time: > 60 sec.
-  Seeing : < 1.1" , except for u* (<1.4")
-  Airmass: < 1.5
-  Skyprobe value: <2.0 Mag. (security limit)

Data summary

-  Magnitudes: AB Megacam instrumental system
-  Mag. zero points : The zero points of all images are set to 30 AB magnitudes. The images have an effective exposure time of one second.
-  Label: symbol "-" in the main table T0003 stands for information/data not available for that release.

Quick summary of most important Wide and Deep data
Full T0003 Summary Table of Wide and Deep data
T0003 Catalogues : SExtractor parameters
T0003 Photometric redshift Photo-z catalogues
SDSS/CFHTLS-Wide: comparison

-  SDSS/CFHTLS (i.e. CFHT-Megacam) transformations resulting from the SNLS group (Regnault et al. ):

. gCFHTLS - gSDSS = -0.156(0.002) * (g-r)SDSS

. rCFHTLS - rSDSS = -0.000(0.003) * (g-r)SDSS

. iCFHTLS - iSDSS = -0.094(0.005) * (r-i)SDSS

. zCFHTLS - zSDSS = +0.050(0.005) * (i-z)SDSS


release quick start guide
T0003 quick description
T0003 explanatory table
T0002/T0003 explanatory document (pdf).
MegaPrime/Megacam technical information from CFHT

Access to data: CADC archive

The Deep+Wide T0003 release at CADC
Overview of CFHTLS Data Products.
Reminder: please read the data access policy as defined by the CFHT Board of Directors.

T0003 explanatory table: valid for the T0003 Deep+Wide release
T0003 release notes on WIDE and DEEP CFHTLS data
Comparison of CFHTLS and SDSS photometry in WIDE fields
Comparison of photometric comparison of WIDE fields
Final SExtractor parameter list of the T0004 and T0003 CFHTLS-Deep/WIDE catalogs

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