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New version 4.00 of Terapix Web Site online
December 1st, 2004

The new version of Terapix Web Site is now online.

Major improvement concerns security, which has been simplified, enlarged and reinforced all over the site.

It is now much more easy to protect any section, article or news anywhere in the site.

And it is not necessary anymore to place protected material in the "Restricted Area" sector.

Many minor improvements have been implemented too, concerning some functionnalities or some design items, either in Public and Intranet part.

Plan of Public or Intranet sites are now available.

The search tool now clearly distinguishes Public and Intranet sites.

Finally, documentation is now available in Intranet site:
-  Glossary
-  Security, explaining how to protect items
-  Display tricks, explaining how to create flat sections or news in subsections.

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