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Minutes for the TERAMEETING Monday 4th of November 2013
by HJMCC - Updated November 4th, 2013

Minutes for the terameeting of 4th of November 2013

Present Nawfel, Patrick, Henry, Fred, Raphael

PI data

Status stripe82

-  Bad images from November 2012
-  128 images in grey: these images were not pre-processed by CASU
-  42 images in grade B. Were these images processed or not? Can we recover these images
-  Problem with WCS in image headers was successfully resolved
-  Next step is to now do the J-K for all images.
-  Need to resample the images into the reference frame supplied by Thomas
-  Only thing left to do is the resampling and write a document / README with files.

Laurent Pagani PI data

-  218 images VIRCAM nebula
-  CASU have only supplied images object and not the images OFF
-  We now have the images OFF so the all the processing steps have to be redone.
-  Large nebula need to inject OFF images into the processing.

Karun T.

-  WIRCAM data processed without incident

VIKING data (Patrick, Henry

-  W1 (radius: 3 deg^2 at center). 6 CFHTLS pointings YJHK. z data not included, may not be easy to reduce with our pipeline because there is mega-fringing
-  Henry still has to test if the 1000 file limit is still in place.
-  20 Gb of image per filter (with the stacks and calib)
-  All VIKING data in Ks is about the size of UltraVISTA

UltraVISTA DR2 data release

-  UltraVISTA DR2 is now available, message has been sent to the consortium
-  UltraVISTA release to ESO will happen in the next months

Status machines COSMIX and TERAPIX

-  All home dirs are moved and moved onto cosmix5.
-  Archive of all old homedir put on one of the fcix*
-  NGVS on the cluster terapix? Idea is to put NGVS cluster there without access to the other machines.
-  cosmix1,cosmix2,cosmix3,cosmix4 stopped
-  cosmix5,sl2s (managed by Raphael)
-  Fred suggests copying home directories / to 4Tb
-  Machines will be removed from raid and turned off in the next two weeks.
-  Henry will send a message to COSMIX users this afternoon


-  New machines not installed yet?
-  3 cards 10 GB which are not supported
-  Last stable distribution was 4 months ago -> next stable version will be in 2 months
-  Not a lot of news on cluster: patrick has meeting this afternoon.

Credits 2013 left over

-  Cat 6k cables ?
-  18,040 keur puma sent
-  5 disk x 3 Tb 900 for fcix10,11
-  SAS disk 3Tb spare
-  5k eur left over
-  plus other spare disks because getting harder to return fcix*
-  plus desktop drives for stockage for home drives (4tb)

-  left 4,000 - 4,400 euro to be spent: see the service info: perhaps there is something specific they want to buy.

Next TERAPIX meeting 25th November Monday 10:00

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