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Minutes for the terameeting of Tuesday 17th December 2013
by HJMCC - Updated December 17th, 2013

Minutes for the TERAPIX meeting 17th December 2014
-  Present: Patrick, Henry, Olivier, Nawfel, Fred (part of meeting).

-  Henry finds out what the CASU algorithm is to do sky subtraction for nebula

-  Nawfel will update the SR82 doc with the correct zero-point.

-  Patrick will copy VIKING data to TERAPIX machines so that Nawfel can start processing them.

-  Patrick will send a mail to teralist listing what has been backuped

-  Patrick will investigate what data can be removed from the machines for accounts which are no longer active.

-  (all) old machines will be isolated, backed-up and turned off.

-  Fred will send a mail to the IAP concerning the old TERAPIX machines and asking if anyone is interested in them (after any useful hardware has been removed).

-  Fred will back up CFHTLS releases, PI data on external 4TB disks.

Actions from last time

-  Henry has copied all the NB data to the FTP server.
-  Nawfel has finished SR82 processing.
-  Christophe has gotten the old machine cosmix2 as a web-server.

Stripe 82

-  Nawfel has written the stripe 82 documentation and distributed the data with documentation to Jean-Paul.
-  Note the zero point was set to be 30 AB
-  Jean-Paul will look at the data this week.
-  Processing finished OK.

Pagani (Nawfel)

-  Second pass doesn't work with Pagani data.
-  There is always a residual background that cannot be removed.
-  There could be a method a CASU which aid in processing of Nebula (henry will investigate)

Ultravista DR2 (Henry)

-  Phase 3 data has been delivered at ESO (catalogues, images, documentation).
-  No GAIN keyword has been provided in the images.
-  ESO has asked about providing corresponding GAIN map, but in the end decided not to deliver the gain map (gain map not compatible .

TERAPIX2 (Patrick, Fred)

-  400 Gb ram (arrived) and installed on mix32. Fred has started memtest on the new machine
-  No news yet for the other machines.
-  Fred gave some advice to service info for condor.
-  TERAPIX2 physical machine installation not optimal: as the machines are not working yet this is lower priority.
-  Apparently machines not configured for automatic shutdown (software is not available for red hat).


-  spare disks will arrive with new backup machine (fcix10)
-  archive disks 4 Tb ordred
-  small material also bought.

Machines TERAPIX (Patrick, Fred

-  Fred sent around a list of machines which will be switched off: these machines could be offered to folk at IAP if they want them.
-  These machines have been backed up on other machines
-  The remaining material will be backed up on new 4Tb disks and the machines switched off.
-  The logical next step after the old machines are switched off is to move the new machines into the cluster TERAPIX2

-  Schedule for DR3: probably start processing September 2014.
-  This means that TERAPIX2 should be operation May-June. This means that all the pipeline software should be able to run on TERAPIX.
-  Contract from Nawfel will finish in September 2013. Not sure how we will mange process

VIKING data (all) -Idea is to reduce VIKING data which overlaps with the CFHTLS. W1, (small amount of data in W4 but not important)
-  Still download limit in place. Do we need to email CASU?
-  need to find space for VIKING. Fcix9 raid1 is one possibility.

CFHTLS calibration T07

-  Henry reports problem of systematic offset between T06 and T07
-  individual stacks for the wide should be the same before and before
-  need to talk with jean-charles!
-  One idea from patrick: look at magnitudes on individual images with the PHOT_C PHOT_K values supplied and make comparison

Next TERAPIX meeting: 14:30, Friday 10th January 2014

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