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Minutes of terameeting 1st of October 2013
by HJMCC - Updated October 1st, 2013

Minutes for TERAPIX meeting 1 October 2013
-  Present: Patrick H, Henry, Nawfel, Olivier


-  Find out what the status of the TODO list for TERAPIX2 from the service info. (Patrick)
-  Get PUMAs for credits 2013 (Fred)
-  Finish installing JIRA (Fred)
-  Investigate ESO observing logs for stripe 82 (Nawfel)
-  Download VIKING data which covers CFHTLS-wide as a means to do a test processing.
-  Write documentation for consortium UltraVISTA release (Henry)

Status of ongoing PI data.

-  Henry: What PI software is in the queue at TERAPIX?
-  Patrick responds that he had bought a licence for the 'JIRA' software but is still waiting for fred to install it. This software allows to have a system of tickets.
-  Most of the PI projects are small sized. NEW VIRCAM data from pagani.

Stripe 82 data (Nawfel)

-  for certain images there are problems with too many negative pixels.
-  they seem to be images which were taken under bad observing conditions, they have flag C. Can these images be found in the observing logs?
-  can continue with groups which are not problematic.
-  are stripe 82 data coverage continuous? Is this observing strategy the same as the previous data?

UltraVISTA DR2 processing (Henry)

-  headers will be updated with Johannes Zable in Copenhagen
-  Clotilde l. will help with catalogue extraction / validation of DR2 images
-  need to prepare documentation for next consortium release (14 october)


-  All VIKING data Ks downloaded to TERAPIX
-  reduce a small amount of VIKING data 3 deg^2
-  try to get all the data on the CFHTLS wide and compare with CASU processing.

TERAPIX Cluster status

-  problem with ftpix needs to be resolved. (update it is resolved

TERAPIX 2 status

-  hope is that new cluster will be ready for end of the month, but there is still a long list of things to do.

-  installation of 3 servers 1u using external hard disk
-  2 severs 2u
-  fcix10, fcix11

-  installation condor and user accounts. No feedback from service info.
-  carte 10 G ? Agreed that 10G are not interesting for all the machines for the time being.
-  machine with lots of ram reboots often: need to sort this.
-  Have 25,000 euro tp spend before the end of the year on new hardware for TERAPIX2, several options were discussed.

Next meeting: 15th October 14:30 in 281

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