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How to read the figures displaying the progress of the observations
by HAU - Updated July 13th, 2007

In order to display the progress of the CFHTLS-Wide survey observations, we use figures representing the Wide fields in the J2000 equatiorial frame with the following convention:

  • Survey pointings are outlined with a solid black line, with the pointing name appearing at the center of the MegaPrime footprint.
  • Pre-survey pointings are outlined with a dashed black line, with the pointing name appearing in the upper left corner of the MegaPrime footprint.
  • Observed pre-survey pointings are shaded in grey.
  • Observations of survey pointings are color-coded using vertical lines within the MegaPrime footprint:
    • u observations in cyan
    • g observations in blue
    • r observations in green
    • i observations in red
    • z observations in purple
  • The height of the bar indicates the fraction of data collected in each filter. If the bar reaches the top of the Megacam footprint, 100% of the observing time for this filter on that pointing have been collected.

For example, in the following figure that displays the status of the observations of W1 at the end of semester 04B, we can see that for pointing W1-0+3 (top center pointing), the amount of data collected has been:

  • 50% of the time in u (cyan bar going half way up)
  • 100% of the time in g (blue bar with a footprint height)
  • 50% of the time in r (green bar half way up)
  • 100% of the time in i (red bar)
  • 80% of the time in z (purple bar) We can also see that some of the pre-survey pointings that cover w3-0+3 have been observed (187, 186, 185, 170, 169, 168) but others are still lacking data (153, 152, 151). This last bit is more tricky to see: remember that presurvey pointings have half array overlap, so that the pre-survey pointing 153 for example (at the top of the field), appears half shaded because it overlaps with pointing 170 that has been observed.

An other example would be pointing W1+4+3 (top left corner) that has been observed in g, r/2 and i, but has not yet been observed in u (no cyan bar) and z (no purple bar).

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