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International collaborations
Last content update August 8th, 2000
On-going TERAPIX project funded by international collaboration contracts.

-  AVO: the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory is a European Network FP5-RTD contract that focuses on promoting the virtual observatory concept in Europe and on developing new virtual observatory tools for the European community. The AVO partners are ESO, ESA, CDS, ASTROGRID, TERAPIX and Jodrell Bank.

-  ASTRO_WISE: Astronomical Wide-field Imaging System for Europe (ASTROWISE) is a European FP5-RTD contract which aims at developing an image processing system primarily designed for wide field CCD cameras like Omegacam on the ESO-VST telescope. The ASTROWISE network is composed of European institutes that have a strong expertise in wide field imaging survey analysis, image processing and software development (data base, pipeline, image processing software, archiving). The partner institutes are the NOVA and Kapteyn institutes (The Netherlands), the Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte (Naples, Italy), Universitat Sternwarte Munchen (Germany), TERAPIX (Paris, France), ESO (Garching, Germany), and the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy consortium (VISTA, UK).

-  CADC-TERAPIX: the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre provides the raw Megacam images to TERAPIX and is the image archive repository for all calibrated images released by TERAPIX.

-  IVOA and VO worldwide


-  DataGrid

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