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Guidelines for processing your PI data at TERAPIX
by LDO - Updated August 2nd, 2006

If you would like your data to be processed by Terapix, you should follow these steps:

1) Send an email to CFHT and CADC to grant access to Terapix to download your data

2) Send an email to terapix@iap.fr with the following information :

  • how many images per runid you have
  • are there images which should not be processed?
  • the desired processing date
  • the central RA,DEC of each image stack
  • any specific processing criteria (observation date, seeing..)
  • if you want to receive an email for each produced stack (to follow processing progress)
  • any informations which could be useful to know about your data.

Once access has been granted we will transfer your data to our cluster. In the first processing step we will run a quality assessment tool (QualityFITS) to check each image and produce their weight maps. After this, the stacks will be constructed according to the rules you supplied. Providing there are no problems with the processing, the reduced data will be available on our ftp server with a login/password which we will send you.

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