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How to submit a job on the cluster with Globus
by E.B. - Updated September 18th, 2007


You will first need to make a full installation of the Globus Toolkit to use the client programs (install the files, define the environment variable GLOBUS_LOCATION and source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.sh or $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.csh depending on your shell).

Be authentified

Two cases:
-  immediate access for less than a week: follow this link.
-  access for longer time periods: send an e-mail to Emmanuel Bertin with your name, your affiliation and for how much time you need to have access to the SExFIGI service. You will receive by e-mail a tarball that you should extract in your home directory (please allow 1-2 days for your request to be processed). Then run the command grid-proxy-init to start your authentication agent

Run the job using the Globus Toolkit

The command is globusrun-ws (-help to get help). It can be used to run a job but also to monitor it or to cancel it.

Example with the Globus Toolkit


% grid-proxy-init    
Your identity: /C=FR/O=IAP/OU=Terapix/CN=Olivier Ricou
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy ........................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until: Sat Sep 15 04:59:56 2007

In case of trouble, try with -debug -verify.

Send files if needed (-p 4 for 4 parallel streams):

% globus-url-copy -p 4 file:///home/ricou/*.data gsiftp://efigix.iap.fr/tmp/

-  Run the job directly from the shell

% globusrun-ws -submit -F https://efigix.iap.fr:8443 -factory-type Condor -c /bin/date

-  or using the following XML submission file (e.g. sex2.xml):

 <argument>-CATALOG_NAME galaxies.cat</argument>


% globusrun-ws -submit -F https://efigix.iap.fr:8443 -factory-type Condor -job-description-file sex2.xml -job-epr-output-file job.epr -batch

You may check the current status of the job using the job.epr file:

% globusrun-ws -status -j job.epr
Current job state: Pending
% globusrun-ws -kill -j job.epr
Requesting original job description...Done.
Destroying job...Done.

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