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Data transfer speed up
what is the next step ? gigabit or multiple fast link?
by GMI - Updated December 8th, 2003
The backup of the data to the in2p3 data center will need a better bandwidth.

Actually [December 2003], the link to the INTERNET is 1 fast link [100mbps], which is shared with obspm.fr [Paris site].

There are 3 possibilities to increase the bandwidth :
-  update to a gigabit link : the most expensive, needs to change a network hardware + software
-  add 1 or 2 more fast links to the same node [RAP]
-  add 1 link to RENATER the last 2 solutions should need only software upgrade, and also "agreements" from the network managers at RAP, RENATER,and obspm. In all cases, it needs software upgrade on various network hardware.

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