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CFHTLS-T03 photometric redshifts
by HJMCC - Updated February 26th, 2006

CFHTLS-T03 photometric redshifts

We are providing to the consortium a 'pre-release' version of the CFHTLS-T03 photometric redshifts calibrated using VVDS spectra.

-  The catalogues contained in this tar file file contain photometric redshifts for all objects in the four CFHTLS deep fields.

-  data checksum:
-  cksum ZPHOT_240206.tar.gz 1301919387 173729357 ZPHOT_240206.tar.gz

-  This second tar file contains the PDFz for all objects in the first tarfile.

-  data checksum:
-  cksum ZPHOT_PDF240206.tar.gz: 94324728 237708987 ZPHOT_PDF240206.tar.gz

-  Please read the associated notes carefully to decide whether or not the photometric redshifts you're looking at are reliable or not. In general, the redshift range 0.2

-  For the four fields, the input photometric catalogues correspond exactly to thos provided at the CADC as part of the CFHTLS-t03 release. The photometric masks correspond exactly to those supplied for the T03 release.

-  Note that there a small zone on the bottom right of corner cfhtls-d4-z image and in the middle of the cfhtls-d3-u where there are doubled images. These zones have yet to be removed from the catalogues. Photometric redshifts may be affected in this area. Watch out!

-  It is expected that the final photometric redshifts released to the community will be very close to these ones. But if you find anything untoward in the catalogues please let us know as soon possible and we will try to fix it.

For full details, see Olivier's paper, included as a convenience here, and also this README.

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