Terapix Star Formation Region IC 1396, © 2002 CFHT
T0002 photometry for the VLT-VVDS galaxies
by HJMCC - Updated August 4th, 2005

Galaxies with spectroscopic redshifts in the VLT-VVDS survey were cross-matched with the cfhtls-T0002 catalogue.

The resulting catalogue can be found here.

This catalogue contains: id, up, gp, rp, ip, zp,bcfh12kp,vcfh12kp,rcfh12kp, icfh12kp,Jkp,Kkp,uerr, gerr, rerr, ierr,zerr,bcfh12kerr,vcfh12kerr,rcfh12kerr, icfh12kerrr,Jkp_err,Kkp_err,flag_hjmcc, zspectro, flag_zspec, ra, dec, class_star,x, y, id_vvds

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