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About TERAPIX Web Site
by GTI - Updated February 1st, 2009
This article presents briefly the structure of the new Terapix web site.


The new TERAPIX web site is organized like a hierarchical tree.

Each branch (not terminal node) is called a section.

Each leave (terminal node) can be one of the following:
-  article
-  news
-  web link

Element Icon



Web links


Browsing the site through the left menu (which is a good picture of the tree structure of the site) give you access to section pages (1). In section pages, you can then navigate through articles, news and web links pages (2).

(1) The section page contains the following elements :
-  a brief description of the section content, in a blue frame
-  several zones listing the articles, news and web links of the section
-  a secondary navigation menu, on the right most side) displaying the sub-sections of the current section (in order to facilitate navigation and to complete the left menu which depth is limited to 3 levels).

(2) The article or news or web link page is presented as follow :
-  a brief summary of the article, in a blue frame
-  the detailed content of the current element (article, news or web link).
-  in case of an article, articles in the same section (hierarchical navigation) and/or related keywords (transverse navigation) linked to articles dealing with the same subject (identified by a keyword).

Navigation tools

Navigation is possible through following elements :
-  back to home page through logo (permanently)
-  back to the current section page, or any section parent of it through current path (black bar below logos bar)
-  access to sections through left menu
-  contextual access to sub-sections (for the current section) or related articles (for the current article)
-  help on the structure of the site (this page) through below links
-  site map
-  administration (access reserved to Terapix users for site edition)
-  contact, to send any comments or questions.

Do not hesitate to send any comment to the webmaster.

Have fun with our new web site !

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