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Office210A, IAP Building
Phone+33 (0)1 44 32 81 40

PhD in astrophysics in Toulouse, France (1987). Moved to IAP in January 1996.

Coordination tasks
-  Responsible of the gravitational lensing team at IAP
-  PI of the TERAPIX data center
-  PI of the DESCART project
-  Network coordinator of the LENSNET RTN (FP4) European network
-  Node coordinator of the ASTRO-WISE RDT (FP5) European network
-  Node coordinator of the AVO RDT (FP5) European network
-  Node ccordinator of the DUEL (FP6) Marie Curie European Training Network
-  Co-Coordinator of the CFHT-LS Wide survey

Research Interests
-  Cosmology and Large-scale structure of the Universe.
-  Strong and Weak gravitational lensing. Cosmic shear.
-  Dark matter and Dark Energy in the Universe: content, clustering properties, evolution with redshift
-  Dark matter and galaxy light: biasing properties as function of local density, redshift, galaxy morphology
-  Dark matter and physics of clusters of galaxies

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