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Last content update April 27th, 2006

nfigi uses morphological operators to find and remove parasite stars from images of galaxies.

This software is part of a bigger project called EFIGI which goal is to compute morphological identification of galaxies. In order to achieve this goal, a cleaning procedure is needed. As an efficient cleaning technique could be useful for other aims, nfigi (n coming for nettoyage) is released as a single package.

The author
-  Anthony Baillard

What's new?

-  04/27/2007: bug fixes and feature adds.
-  03/30/2007: preversion released!

Download the latest version (V0.8.2)

An autoconfigurable source archive package is available below.

This is a preversion of the software as some features are still missing:
-  Some local inpainting method will be added
-  Documentation will be completed

Source archive - 3.6 kb
Source archive

You can also retrieve the latest version from TERAPIX public subversion repository


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