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What is the libVOTable library ?
  • The libVOTable Library is a free C VOTable parser. It provides simple functions to manage memory, it parses VOTable format elements and uses the results in your own C code.
  • It is a UNIX portable library, packaged with autoconf/automake. It should compile on any UNIX-like operating systems as well.
  • It only depends on libxml2 library
  • It is safe memory
  • It has been specially designed to parse large catalogs
  • It is under GPL licence

What's new ?
  • 08/04/2005 : A little memory allocation bug was fixed
  • 14/02/2005 : Extract_VO_TableData function returns the number of records
  • 12/05/2005 : bug fixed : access to table's element not allocate in memory (Thanks to Jamie Stevens)
Download the latest version (V0.1e)

The autoconfigurable source archive is available below.

Source archive - 489.6 kb
Source archive
(GZ, 489.6 kb)

libVOTable user's guide - 238.8 kb
libVOTable user's guide
(PDF, 238.8 kb)

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