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Point-Spread Functions for PGC-1.3 images in all 5 bands
by E.B. - Updated July 29th, 2007

This archive contains 3 kinds of files produced by the PSFEx software from the PGC-1.3 image sample in all u,g,r,i and z bands:
-  *.psf : FITS binary table containing the average, super-resolved PSF raster and parameters
-  *.psf.fits : FITS image of the average PSF downscaled to the original image resolution. Note: some images are undersampled.
-  *.psf.xml : PSF metadata in XML-VOTable format

A table lists the PSF Full Widths at Half Maximum in pixels in each band (at first order, the Point Spread Functions may be approximated by Gaussians).

Please note that these data are currently for use within the EFIGI collaboration only, and should not be redistributed without prior consent of the author (E.B.).


Illustration of PSF samples in 5 bands
PSFs for PGC-1.3 - 3.6 kb
PSFs for PGC-1.3
76 MB

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