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Polar coordinates for 349 galaxies from the PGC-1.3 g-band data
by - Updated July 29th, 2007

This article contains :
-  the matlab script to convert an image from cartesian to polar coordinates (gal2pol.m)
-  a set of images in polar coordinates (polarPGC-1.3.tar.gz)
-  a set of cleaned images in polar coordinates (polarCleanedPGC-1.3.tar.gz)

The global process was the following :

-  sexfigi was used to fit profils for the galaxies.
-  centers of galaxies were computed within a pixel using the profil maximum value.
-  science images were translated according to these center.
-  for the second subset, nfigi was used to proceed to an agressive cleaning
-  the matlab function gal2pol was used to convert images into polar coordinates. Origin of the polar system is the center of the image in the cartesian system.
-  images are saved as fits file of 360x360 pixels, log(rho) along X-axis and theta along Y-axis


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