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Observations Status in 05A: QSO run 05AQ06
by HAU - Updated August 31st, 2005

Run 05AQ06 has been a bit disappointing for the Wide. The W3 field was only visible for 3 to 2 hours at the beginning of the night, which made us very sensitive to any technical problem occuring at the beginning of the night. Moreover, the SNLS and the observations of the comet Tempel were at higher priorities than ours. When these last ones were finally completed, bad seeing and poor weather conditions prevented us to gather all the data to complete our goal to gather 36 square degree on W3 in g, r/2 and i for weak lensing.

Since last run, we have obtained:
-  6 pointings in g band, with only one missing to complete the 6x6 degree area. Hopefully this can be done during run Q07.
-  3 pointings in r/2, and the coverage of the 6x6 degrees is now complete.
-  nothing in i band... There are still 4 square degree to be covered in i to complete the area. It is not yet clear if we are going to be able to obtain the corresponding 5.3 hours next run since W3 will only be above 1.3 airmass for less than 1 hour per night.

W3 Status after run Q06 - 35.9 kb
W3 Status after run Q06
See this article for an explanation of the legend of this plot.

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