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Observations Status in 05A: QSO run 05AQ05
by HAU - Updated August 31st, 2005

Run 05AQ05 was excellent for the Wide, due to good weather and improvements of the queue efficiency. 19.5 hrs of data have been collected on W3 during this run, adding 5 square degrees fully covered in g, r/2 and i, plus a good pre-survey coverage for the astrometric solution accross the whole field.

We are still hoping to get to 36 square degree on W3 at the semester, but there will be a lot of constraints next run with the Deep Impact rendez-vous that is taking place within the field RA range.

W3 Status after run Q05 - 33.5 kb
W3 Status after run Q05
See this article for an explanation of the legend of this plot.

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