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CFHTLS-T0007 photometric redshifts

October 8th 2012

This page provides information about publicly-available photometric redshifts in the Canada-France Hawaii Telescope Legacy survey wide fields. These photometric redshifts were computed using the TERAPIX-T0007 photometric catalogues.

These photometric redshifts were computed at Terapix and LAM using the TERAPIX-T0007 photometric catalogues. They have been calibrated using spectroscopic redshifts from the VVDS , zCOSMOS and VIPERS surveys obtained at the ESO-VLT, as well as DEEP2 obtained at the Keck.

The data can be retrieved from the following ftp repository :

server : ftpix2.iap.fr

login : CFHTLS-zphot-T0007

password :


If you use these photometric redshifts in a publication, please reference Ilbert et al. (2006) and Coupon et al. (2009).

Information about the catalogues

-  The input photometric catalogues are those the CFHTLS-T0007. Magnitudes in this catalogue were corrected for galactic extinction using the Schlegel et al (1998) dust maps.

-  Full information about the catalogues can be found in the release documentation in the ftp directory.

Download files

For your convenience, here are links to the photometric redshift files.

Read this file first!!

A header file explaining the contents of the photometric redshift files can be found here.

FieldPhotometric redshiftsProbability distribution function

Contact information

If you have any questions about downloading these files please contact us at terapix@iap.fr

If you have any questions about the photometric redshifts please contact Olivier Ilbert: olivier dot ilbert at oamp.fr .

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