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CFHTLS-T0003 photometric redshifts
Last content update June 27th, 2006
These photometric redshifts were produced as part of a colloboration between TERAPIX and the VIMOS-VLT deep survey team.

CFHTLS-T0003 photometric redshifts

June 27th 2006

This page provides information about publicly-available photometric redshifts in the Canada-France Hawaii Telescope Legacy survey deep fields. These photometric redshifts were computed using the TERAPIX-T0003 photometric catalogues. They have been calibrated using 3200 spectroscopic redshifts from the VLT-VIRMOS deep survey.

These catalogues are released jointly by TERAPIX and the VVDS consortium. At TERAPIX, all files are available by anonymous ftp at this location: ftp://ftpix.iap.fr/pub/CFHTLS-zphot-v1 In Marseille, a searchable database interface is available at this address: http://cencos.oamp.fr/cencos/CFHTLS/

A full description of the generation of the photometric redshifts can be found in the associated paper (a local copy, revised to take into account the referee's comments, can be found here).


If you use these photometric redshifts in a publication, please include a reference to Ilbert, Arnouts, McCracken et al.A&A, submitted, astro-ph/0603217 and include following text in your acknowledgements: "This paper makes use of photometric redshifts produced jointly by Terapix and VVDS teams".

Information about the catalogues

-  The input photometric catalogues were those provided in the CFHTLS-T0003 data release. Magnitudes in this catalogue were corrected for galactic extinction using the Schlegel et al (1998) dust maps.

-  Full information about the catalogues can be found in the README file in the ftp directory.

Download files

For your convenience, here are links to the photometric redshift files.

Read this file first!!

FieldPhotometric redshiftsProbability distribution function

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Contact information

If you have any questions about downloading these files please contact us at terapix@iap.fr

If you have any questions about the photometric catalogues, please contact hjmcc@iap.fr

If you have any questions about the photometric redshifts please contact ilbert@ifa.hawaii.edu or hjmcc@iap.fr

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