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CFHTLS release T0002: Image statistics evaluation
Last content update December 15th, 2004

Dear CFHTLS users

Terapix re-processed and improved the quality assessment data of all individual Megacam images (Qfits-in v.1.11) received at Terapix.

7920 images relevant for the CFHTLS have been analysed, and 1600 more for PI programs that are processed at Terapix (only PI access). The quality assessment summary-pages attached to each CFHTLS-related image are now available at Terapix Qfits for individual CFHTLS images (restricted access for CFHT registered users).

The weight maps and flag map images as well as individual catalogs and relevant meta-data are being sent to CADC and will be available soon to all CFHTLS registered users.

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