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CFHTLS T0006 : Wide and Deep surveys
Last content update June 24th, 2010

Welcome to Terapix and the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope Legacy Survey CFHTLS-T0006 release page
Release reference identification : T0006 : Official release date : October 14, 2009 (restricted to CFHTLS registered users). Official worldwide release date : November 15, 2010.

CFHTLS Terapix T0006 pages. Information about the survey and data products:

GET the official T0006 release explanatory document . This is the only document that describes the release.

Data access, overview, tables and plots CFHTLS T0006 synoptic table . Access to unrestricted data and access points to restricted data at CADC.

Reminder: data distribution policy and acknowledgement: please read this important notice

The CFHTLS page at CFHT

NEW, June 17, 2010: the CFHTLS T0006 photo-z catalogue (restricted access to CFHTLS registered users). The catalogues are also available at the LAM/VVDS data base (with similar restricted access to CFHTLS registered users).

NEW, June 24, 2010: the CFHTLS T0004 photo-z PUBLIC catalogue (Public worldwide).

Any request or information: please contact mellier@iap.fr

June 17, 2010: The Photo-z catalogue of CFHTLS T0006 Wide (Restricted access).
June 24, 2010: The Photo-z catalogue of CFHTLS T0004 Deep+Wide (Public worldwide).

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