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Release T0002
by LDO - Updated August 21st, 2005

T0002 stacks

You'll find here informations about the way we have build the Deep,Wide and Pre-Wide stack images.

We have used the following criteria :

  • Skyprobe < 2
  • Airmass < 1.5
  • Data between June 1st 2003 and November 22th 2004
  • Input Megacam image Terapix Quality Assessment : A or B
  • Exposure time > 60 sec
  • Deep : seeing max 1.1 (Filter i,z,r,g), 1.4 (Filter u)
  • Wide : seeing max 1.1 (Filter i,z,r,g), 1.3 (Filter u)
  • VW : seeing max 1.2 (Filter i,z,r,g), 1.5 (Filter u)

SurveyNumber of stacks

FilterNumber of stacks

Here is the stack list for each survey. You'll find the number of files used for astrometric/photometric calibration (scamp) and for coaddition (swarp). Clicking on the file number will bring you to the image list, so you can check which images have been used in each step of the pipeline. In this list, you can still click on the image to view its Quality Assessment.

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