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The Synoptic T0004 Table
by YME YME - Updated October 18th, 2009

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The Synoptic T0004 Table contains all information, data and meta-data relevant for T0004. It links to all T0004 images, catalogues and masks produced at Terapix and archived at CADC (with restricted access to CFHTLS users), as well all other (public) quality assessment data sets that were produced during the processing steps of T0004.

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The table has 37 columns and 1 row per field (D1-25, D2-25, D3-25, D4-25, then D1-85, D2-85, D3-85, D4-85, then W1, W2, W3 and W4):

Column Description
Column 1-3 Target identification and RA, DEC center position of each stack
Column 4-8 FITS images (Im), their weight map images (W) and FITS ldac catalogues (L)of u,g,r,i and z T0004 stacks
Column 9 FITS chi2 images (Im) and their weight maps image (W) of stacks having at least g,r and i images
Column 10 u,g,r,i and z chi2-based catalogues
Column 11 Mask reg file
Column 12 Merged ugriz catalogues
Column 13-15 Galaxy counts, stellar colour-colour track plots and jpg 3-color image
Column 16-35 Stack description, quality assessment data and properties of all Deep and Wide stacks
Column 36 Effective field of view after masking
Column 37 Right-hand target identification

A short summary of the T0004 release is given in the last row of the table, as well as 2 merged stellar ps files containing all colour-colour plots of Deep or Wide stacks.

Important notice: It is strongly recommended to read the T0004 explanatory table as well as the T0004 summary page and other links.

The figure below shows the T0004 data flow and data products. It helps to clarify the origins of items or links displayed in the Synoptic T0004 Table

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